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Debra Bunkley, CEO
The Network is a multi-cultural collaborative think tank of event logistics and production professionals dedicated to bringing you the very best in unparalled events. 

We are interconnected in that we all share a common goal – ensuring we surpass your expectations. 


Developed in 2010, The Network was founded to provide event logistics and production resources for meetings and events. After an almost thirty-year career with a global soft drink leader, CEO Debra Bunkley felt compelled to bring together her vast network of industry resources to form a collaboration of companies, individual business owners, and venues to support the needs in the Southeast. Members of The Network are well-traveled, well-spoken, educated, and focused on their craft. Only the best are members of The Network.


Based in metro Atlanta, Georgia, the Network thrives on a diverse talent pool. That’s right, we realize in order to meet your needs, we must provide a wide array of talent and thinking. You won’t get cookie-cutter type events with The Network. Whether a photo shoot or a full-scale corporate meeting, we listen first to your needs, engage compatible resources, and most importantly, actively deliver.

Why choose The Network? Quite simply – we care! The Network, while a business, is not interested in “get rich quick” schemes or taking short-cuts. We value the importance of relationships and quality service. Whether you’re a global corporation or an up-and-coming new business owner, The Network finds the right solution based on your requirements and budget.


We care about the community too. Knowing the importance of mentoring, every member of The Network is committed to supporting non-profit organizations focused on youth and young adults. We may be involved in free training seminars or a community service project partnership with local organizations. We count it a privilege to be able to give back of our time and resources. 


Our clients range from fortune 500 companies, world-renowned entertainers, publications, and educators to religious organizations, small business owners, and individuals. 

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